Introducing my 8-Day Sugar Elimination Plan

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Thank you for letting me nerd out about neuroscience all week with the Sugar Elimination Series. 

If you missed any of the posts, here they are: 

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I’m so glad this information about sugar is getting out there and you’re reclaiming your neurobiology! 

If you’re ready to reclaim your brain, body, and health…

If you want a science-based method that softens the withdrawal process…

You need a copy of my new 8-Day Sugar Elimination Plan.

This Sugar Elimination Plan has been specially formulated to help you arrest sugar cravings, soften withdrawal symptoms, stabilize your energy, and support you as you unhook yourself from sugar. 

What’s great about this new approach:

  • You don’t have to be vegan
  • You can eat out every day if you want to
  • You have SCIENCE on your side
  • You can honor your food preferences
  • You only eat what you already like <3 <3
  • Carbohydrates are allowed!!!
  • You have lots of options
  • No big shopping trip, no meal prep, no planning required
  • Super simple meal formula a monkey could follow
  • It’s only 8 days
  • You get to “hack the hijack” and free yourself

Imagine how great it’ll be to gain control over your brain again.

Imagine having stable moods, steady energy, and freedom from cravings! 

If you know that you would feel better, be less inflamed, and probably lose some of that extra body fat by quitting sugar, this protocol is what you need to succeed. 

If you’re tired of being controlled by cravings and/or you don’t like your behavior around sugar, this protocol will bring you peace. 

And if you suffer from energy dips or mood highs and lows, this protocol can help you too, even if you don’t have “a little sugar problem.”

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the 8-Day Sugar Elimination Protocol

This protocol will support you as you unhook yourself from sugar and help you learn how to eat. 

The eating style in the protocol is what freed me from dieting noise, energy issues, compulsions to eat, and cravings for sweet things and bread. I’m so excited to show you the way that worked for me and is rooted in science and research.  

Sweet freedom will be yours! YOU ROCK!

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