The 22 Wackiest Places Hidden Sugar Was Found

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

At the beginning of this Sugar Elimination Series, I had a contest with my newsletter folks, asking them to share the wackiest places they’ve found hidden sugar. 

Here are some of the craziest answers: 

Jarred Pasta Sauce
Beauty products
Green Beans
fast food french fries
Baby teething crackers-all except 2 brand I searched out!!! Why?!?!!
Baby formula
I once found it as an ingredient in a packet of Stevia?!?
pizza dough
shredded hash browns
Instant ramen
Nut butters, noodles, sauces, soups.
Chloroseptic sore throat lozenges
cold medicine
Taco seasoning packet
Swanson's Veggie stock; Hellman's Vegan Mayo
Plain sunflower seeds
Table salt!
My lip balm.
McDonalds salad- plain lettuce is sprayed with sugar water “as a preservative”🙄

Also congrats to Kami and Kathleen who won the contest and received a copy of the 8-Day Sugar Elimination Protocol. 

(The Protocol is an 8-day plan that has been specially formulated to help you arrest sugar cravings, soften withdrawal symptoms, stabilize your energy, and support you as you unhook yourself from sugar. It’s 100% science-based and awesome. It helped me tremendously). 

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