Greek Tacos, Parisian Polenta, Coconut Cauliflower Curry

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Do you feel amazing after last week's "detox" plan? 

Me too! Today is the first day I didn’t crave sweets!

This week’s plan is your bridge between resolution and reality: 

A focus on nutrition but also simple recipes that are realistic and flavorful.

If green soups and beet hummus were too granola hippie for you to kickoff 2018 (I get that), use this plan as a gentle transition away from rich holiday food and towards a healthier longevity diet.

Keep those resolutions to eat better in 2018! 

My simple healthy recipes make sure you eat healthily. 

Start eating meals you enjoy without the guilt today. 

Savor the tastes you crave without gas and bloat after. 

You'll feel amazingly light after eating these meals! 

It’s too soon in the new year to compromise for poor planning ;) 

This week’s recipes:

  • Cajun “Chorizo” Soup
  • Bistro Beet Burgers
  • Greek Nachos & Greek Tacos
  • Red Lentil Bolognese
  • Coconut Cauliflower Curry
  • Mushroom Quesadillas (new)
  • Chinese Crunch Salad
  • TropicQ Bowl (new)
  • Parisian Polenta (new)
  • Red Velvet Roll-Ups (new)

You’ll love not having to figure out dinner and you’ll love love love all these recipes! 

I guarantee it or your money back. 

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