Cheezburger Casserole, Green Curry Chowder, Harvest Rice

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Happy November! 

This week’s menu is: 

Comfort foods without calories (or guilt!)

Healthy spins to prove you’re not missing out!

Our Cheezburger Casserole = ULTIMATE combo of healthy meets comfort. 

Cheezburger Casserole 

...And “Sausage” Breakfast Sandwiches to start your day! 

Soo much better than McDonald’s, right?!?!

“Miss out” on bloat, guilt, and more grief.

When you join Meal Mentor you’ll find comfort in health, happiness and delicious meals.

Good for the body + soul + planet + pants! 
Also on the plan this week:

  • Eggplant Falafel Burgers
  • Green Curry Chowder 
  • Taco Chilaquiles (NEW!) 
  • Chickpea Parmesan Soup (NEW!) 
  • Pad Thai Burritos 
  • Venetian Wraps 

With these amazing meals you’re not missing out on ANYTHING...

except feeling like crap!!!

Are you ready to experience comfort in a POSITIVE way?

Dive into healthy comfort.

It’s time to say goodbye to guilt… 

Reset tomorrow with the Harvest Rice. 

You already have everything on hand. 

Delicious. Detoxing. Comforting. 

You feel good just looking at it! 

None of the guilt and all of the pleasure.

Keeping comfort foods accessible to my plant-powered peeps :)

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