Falafeld Sweet Potato, Go-Bars, and Tomato Basil Rigatoni

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Have you been struggling with sticking to a healthy routine? 

Are you feeling isolated and alone??

...Meal Mentor can help!! 

One of the greatest benefits of Meal Mentor is the SUPPORTIVE community. 

Reading messages like these makes my day every time… 


Wouldn’t you love to be a part of non-judgement group?? 

Your fellow members understand that we all make mistakes sometimes. 

They’ll be there to lift you up when you’re low…

...And to celebrate all of your AMAZING successes!!  

Imagine that LOOOVE & these meals on your table

  • BLT Bowl
  • Go Bars — for on-the-GO! 
  • Falafel'd Sweet Potato
  • Ultimate Cheeze Pizzas (no wacky, processed "fake" stuff 100% plants)
  • Coconut Chickpea Curry

BLT Bowls (top left), Falafel'd Sweet Potato (middle left), Coconut Chickpea Curry (bottom left), Gobars (top right), Ultimate Cheeze Pizzas (bottom left)

Also in this weeks plan: 

  • Very Very Verde Enchiladas 
  • Tomato Basil Rigatoni 
  • Pineapple Rice
  • Banana Bread ONOs

Get these simple healthy meals AND a loving community that encourages.

Seeing their pictures and reading their posts and reviews will also motivate YOU to cook the meals.

If you feel kind of overwhelmed with cooking, eating plant-based or life in general... 

Watching them will make you think,  "that wasn't so bad. I can do this." 

The more the merrier. Let's be healthy together. ALL OF US.

Here's what a few members asked me to say:

  • "The community helps me stay on track when I see others success but also having a group to go to that is positive when I need support has been amazing!" - Angela D. 
  • "For me the biggest value I've gained is better self confidence. For YEARS I've always felt like the big girl, unhealthy and invisible. With MM I've been able to see myself in a new light, stand up straighter and glow from the inside out. Just today I posted on the FB page of my NSV..I'm seeing changes and feeling them and I love It!!"  - Marie M. 
  • "Being a part of the VIP community on Facebook has done a lot for my self-esteem. It's so great to know I'm not alone in my thoughts and feelings." - Aryn M. 


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