Best of Summer 2017 Meal Plan (100% rated favorites)

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Happy (almost!) Independence Day!

This week is our “Best of” Summer Recipes, don’t miss out!

Big holiday weekend ahead!

Have fun, be safe—enjoy a Chilli Cheeze Dog!

That delicious bad boy (which is actually a good guy! SO healthy
and whole—no faux meat or cheese, 100% veggies) was made using
the Carrot Dogs on the current plan.

I added onion, a can of vegetarian chili & quick queso. 

ALSO SERVE THIS: Backyard BBQuinoa

Voted #1 recipe last summer by members! Majoromnihit!

Other 100% Voted Recipes on the plan:

Peachy-Dillas so easy but beautiful.

Tokyo Taters… they took Instagram over… twice.

And I’m OBSESSED with this bean-based vegan caesar dressing:

Here’s the full list of #1 best summer recipes included:

  • Carrot Hot Dogs
  • Peachy ‘Dillas
  • Summer Skillet Lasagna
  • Pho-ghetti
  • Loaded Potato Salad (the mushroom bacon, OMG!)
  • Backyard BBQuinoa
  • Bangin’ Sliders
  • OhFudge Dip! (healthiest chocolate dip EVER)
  • Tokyo Taters
  • Caesar Pasta Salad
  • Strawberry “Bacon” Salad
  • Mango-GO Bowls
  • Lotus Bowls (with Avocado-Tahini Dressing)
  • Choco-Latte Ice Cream

I make the mushroom bacon every Sunday it’s so good!

 P.s. Kids are crazy for the Oh Fudge Dip

This week is our “Best of” Summer Recipes.

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Get up on this and dig in! 

Many of these recipes won't be back again until next year, so
don’t miss out!

Have a great weekend!

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