General Tso's Noodles, Vegan "Stouffer's" Pizza, "Bacon" Spinach Wrap, & MORE!

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Been eating out? Not healthy?

Thinking about picking up pizza right now?

Not feeling motivated to do any food prep?

I got you! This week's plan doesn't require food prep.

Buy some frozen rice and diced onions. It's all "throw together!"

Vegan "Stouffer's" Pizza

Get started today!

Prepare these meals in a SNAP! PB&J in a Mug (NEW), Sweet Corn Pitas, Spring Roll Flatbreads (NEW), Skillet Enchiladas, General Tso's Noodles (NEW), and MORE!

Skillet Enchiladas

Individual Highlights:

  • Broccoli Fritters (NEW)
  • Skillet Enchiladas
  • General Tso's Noodles (NEW)
  • Smoky Potato Soup
  • Jerk Lentils (NEW)
  • Vegan "Stouffer's" Pizza (NEW)
  • Sweet Corn Pitas
  • PB&J in a Mug (NEW)
  • "Bacon" Spinach Wrap

It’s easy to get back on track…

and you’ll thank yourself for doing so!

Do something nice for yourself!

Sweet Corn Flatbreads

Family Highlights:

  • "Fish" & Chips
  • Tamale Pie
  • Broccoli Fritters (NEW)
  • General Tso's Noodles (NEW)
  • Jerk Lentils (NEW)
  • Vegan "Stouffer's" Pizza (NEW)
  • Sweet Corn Pitas
  • Carrot Cake Cuppies (NEW)
  • Spring Roll Flatbreads (NEW)

Join Meal Mentor. Your shortcut to “back on track”. Feel great!


So I've been trying to lose weight for awhile (mildly successful) and have dabbled around with the meal plans for years. This year I became serious about following the meal plans, and it shows! You guys, why did it take me so long to figure this out?!? -Toni K.

Do it! The meal plans made me lose 60 lbs! After years of vegan junk food and being overweight it was my only thing that worked. I got off the meal plans and back to my vegan junk food ways and I have since gained 30 lbs back, but after we move into our new house and get settled in me and my Omni boyfriend are jumping back into the meal plans headfirst. So excited to start again! -Nicci E.

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