Giving Bowls, Stuffing'd Potatoes, Thanksgiving Chowder, Apple Pie Nachos & more

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The holiday rush is here!Take back your time with this week's meal plan!

Imagine all the things you could do instead of planning, making a shopping list, and “figuring out” what to eat 3x a day.

On the menu: Giving Bowls (NEW!), Cauliflower Ranchero Tostadas (NEW!), Pump It! Broccoli Mac (NEW!), California Sloppy Joes (NEW!), Apple Pie Nachos (NEW!) and more!

Giving Bowls

Individual Highlights

  • Thanksgiving Chowder (NEW!)
  • Pumpkin Sloppy Joes
  • Cauliflower Ranchero Tostadas (NEW!)
  • California Drive-Thru Fries
  • Pump It! Broccoli Mac (NEW!)
  • Very Verde Burritos
  • Giving Bowls (NEW!)
  • Smashed Harvest Roll-Ups (NEW!)
  • Apple Pie Nachos (NEW!)

Look forward to less meal planning stress and more variety with Meal Mentor!

Cauliflower Ranchero Tostadas

Family Highlights

  • Stuffing'd Potatoes (NEW!)
  • Giving Bowls (NEW!)
  • Thai Noodle Soup
  • Butternut Chowder (NEW!)
  • Cauliflower Ranchero Tostadas (NEW!)
  • Ruby Red Pizzas
  • California Sloppy Joes (NEW!)
  • Apple Cider Oatmeal (NEW!)
  • Pump It! Broccoli Mac (NEW!)

There’s 101 things on your to-do list. Let us help take a little off your plate.

Pump It! Broccoli Mac


Week by week shopping list and done for the week in 3 hours in the kitchen. Saves you all the searching online and planning your meals. She does it for you!” – Amy S.

That's right - the perks are your time (zero planning, zero making a shopping list, 3 hours cooking for the whole week) and no last minute takeaway caused by complete lack of planning.” – Lyn F.

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