Greatest Hits Week! Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps, Pad Thai Pizza, Cuatro Verde Bowl, Chocolate Lover's Quinoa & more!

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By popular request this week's meal plan is a collection of OUR GREATEST HITS {summer edition}!

EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. has received 5 STARS by members *and*

PASSES the skeptical omnivore spouse + picky kid test!

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Chocolate Lover's Quinoa

Individual Highlights

  • Pizza Pasta
  • Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps
  • Cuatro Verde Bowl
  • Chocolate Lover's Quinoa
  • Cali-Girl Sandwich
  • Indian Hakka Noodles
  • Enchilada Polenta Bowl
  • Carrot Hot Dogs
  • Pad Thai Pizza

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Pad Thai Pizza

Family Highlights

  • Cauliflower Bolognese
  • "Bacon" & "Egg" Scramble
  • Chickpea Caesar Tacos
  • Indian Hakka Noodles
  • Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps
  • Carrot Hot Dogs
  • Pad Thai Pizza
  • Kung Pao Lentils
  • Cuatro Verde Bowl

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Cauliflower Bolognese


"The Pad Thai Pizza is so amazing! Better yet it took less than 5 minutes to throw together from stuff I just happened to have lying around!"- Shelley L

"These are definitely going on the 'repeat' list! Bang Bang Chickpea wraps are so easy and tasty!"- Abbie L

"OMG The Chocolate Lover's Quinoa is AMAZING!!! I can't believe this is okay to eat it is so good! I am in heaven having a hard time believing this isn't sinful to eat."- Camille C

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