Pizza Poppers, Pho-rritos, "Tuna" Melts, Peanut Butter French Toast & more!

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Say GOODBYE! to the drive-thru and HELLO! to Meal Mentor's value menu on this week's meal plan!

Save time AND money with Pizza Poppers (NEW!), Pho-rritos (NEW!), Double Up Bella Burger (NEW!), Big Mac Potatoes & more!

P.S. Annual Meal Plan memberships go on sale this Friday, April 22nd for ONE DAY ONLY!

You can get a head start this week with these eats and upgrade at a discount on sale day.

Pizza Poppers

Individual Highlights

  • Pizza Poppers (NEW!)
  • Lemon Dream (in a Mug) (NEW!)
  • Mediterranean Hummus Pasta
  • WikiWiki Tiki Tacos (NEW!)
  • Chana Aloo Stew
  • Buffalo'd Potato Bowl
  • Double Up Bella Burger (NEW!)
  • Margherita Pizza Hummus
  • Pho-rritos (NEW!)

Download this week's meal plan value menu now!

Mediterranean Hummus Pasta

Family Highlights

  • Buffalo Rancher Burgers (NEW!)
  • Pizza Poppers (NEW!)
  • Mediterranean Hummus Pasta
  • Chana Aloo Stew
  • Pho-rritos (NEW!)
  • WikiWiki Tiki Tacos (NEW!)
  • "Tuna" Melts (NEW!)
  • Big Mac Potatoes
  • Peanut Butter French Toast (NEW!)

Feel like you're eating at new restaurant each night with the meal plans!

Peanut Butter French Toast


"Love the meal plans!!! The time and money savings are amazing, as well as adding a ton more variety of meals and flavors than I ever did before!"- Melissa B

"The Meal Plans areEXACTLY what I needed in my life for 2016. I'm saving a ton of cash on groceries (only shop once a week on Saturday when I cook, and I stick to a list), no food waste (eating my last prepared meal as we speak), and I'm in control of my eating. After 2 weeks, I've lost 4.3 pounds!"- Amy B

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