South of the Border Spaghetti Squash, Tuscany Risotto, Stuffed Pepper Soup, Chocolate Lover's Quinoa & more!

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Do you struggle with what to make for dinner? Hate coming home and having to cook after long day at work?

Take a load off this week with the help of Meal Mentor!!

Say GOODBYE to decision fatigue with amazing meals like Souther of the Border Spaghetti Squash (NEW!), Tuscany Risotto (NEW!), "Fish" & Chips, Stuffed Pepper Soup (NEW!) and more!

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Individual Highlights

  • Stuffed Pepper Soup (NEW!)
  • South of the Border Spaghetti Squash (NEW!)
  • Tuscany Risotto (NEW!)
  • BBQ Bean Tacos (NEW!)
  • Tamale Pie
  • Smoky Red Lentil Soup (NEW!)
  • "Fish" & Chips
  • BLTA (NEW!)
  • Chocolate Lover's Quinoa(NEW!)

Solve your “What’s for dinner?” dilemma with the meal plans!

"Fish" & Chips

Family Highlights

  • Pesto Potato Scramble(NEW!)
  • "Fish" & Chips
  • Chili Sweet Slaw Wraps (NEW!)
  • South of the Border Spaghetti Squash (NEW!)
  • Triple Green Quesadillas
  • Tuscany Risotto (NEW!)
  • Smoky Red Lentil Soup (NEW!)
  • "Beef" Stroganoff
  • Stuffed Pepper Soup (NEW!)

Get dinner on the table fast with the meal plans!

Chocolate Lover's Quinoa


The meal plans solve the PLANNING and the shopping issue. I don't have time to go through cookbooks, pick out a week's worth of recipes, and prep a shopping list. For me just the concept of the meal plan itself was the selling point.”- Tammy M

I love letting Meal Mentor make my decisions for me so that I don’t have to think about what to eat.” - Kathy Y

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