Big Kahuna Dogs, Samosa Lettuce Cups, BBQ Peach Sliders & More!

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Are you ready for incredibly delicious, summer meals?

On this week's meal plan we're serving up summertime hits like Big Kahuna Dogs (NEW!), Samosa Lettuce Cups (NEW!), & BBQ Peach Sliders (NEW!).

You'll also find refreshing, easy to throw together dishes like Strawberry Ice Cream Breakfast (NEW!), Sweet & Spicy Hummus (NEW!), Onion Dip Veggie Wraps (NEW!) and so much more!

Big Kahuna Dogs

Individual Highlights

  • BBQ Peach Sliders (NEW!)
  • Samosa Lettuce Cups (NEW!)
  • Summer Pasta Salad
  • Zucchini Tabbouleh (NEW!)
  • Strawberry Ice Cream Breakfast (NEW!)
  • Easy Black Beans & Rice
  • Sweet & Spicy Hummus (NEW!)
  • Classic Veggie Wrap
  • Big Kahuna Dogs (NEW!)

Make dinner time a breeze with the meal plans!

Summer Pasta Salad

Family Highlights

  • Summer Enchiladas (NEW!)
  • Onion Dip Veggie Wraps (NEW!)
  • Mushroom & Olive Mini Pizzas
  • Samosa Lettuce Cups (NEW!)
  • Summer Pasta Salad
  • Big Kahuna Dogs (NEW!)
  • Slow Cooker Red Bean Coconut Curry
  • Freezer Oatmeal Cups (NEW!)
  • BBQ Peach Sliders (NEW!)

Enjoy more variety and balanced meals with the meal plans!

Samosa Lettuce Cups


"I'm saving so much money by not having to eat lunches and dinners out and I know what I'm putting in my body. The meal plans are priceless." - Sue R

"I recently bought a scale and I was pretty disappointed when I saw the number on it. It was discouraging and usually I would have eaten more/worse food as comfort, but I stayed the course of the meal plans. When I got dressed this morning, the pants and jacket I put on are usually uncomfortably tight, but they fit comfortably today. So grateful for the little victories, and grateful for the Meal Mentor VIP Group - I think this group is a huge encouragement for sticking to the plan. And the more I stick to it, the more I WANT to stick to it."- Jennifer P

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