This Week's Q&A (Talking Cheating, Detox, Veggie Broth, B12 and Time Management)

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You've got questions...

Q:  I was just curious if there are times when you cheat and eat meat or dairy once in a while.

A: Heck no! I'm 100% plant-based, all the time. I don't want to put poison in my bod. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels — and nothing beats how amazing plant foods make you look and feel. No thanks! I love my plants!

Q: Any suggestions to help "detox" after a weekend of being sort of off the wagon?

A: Yes, our 3-day Reboot and 10-Day Cleanse & Health Immersion

Q: Lindsay, do you always have homemade veg broth on hand or do you use prepared broth — and if so, what brand? Do you just keep broth in the fridge? How long can it sit once it's been opened or made?  Do you freeze broth to have on hand?

A: I use my homemade broth recipe and commercial. I buy whatever is available, but make sure it's oil-free, low sodium (those are non-negotiable) and organic, if possible. 

Most commercial broths comes in a container that you keep in your fridge like a jug of milk, so a splash here and there is no biggie. How long they last depends on the brand — check the package or the manufacturer's website. Broth can also come in a can, and it should have an expiration date or "use within X days after opening" note on it. 

For the past two years or so, I have shied away from bouillons because it's hard to find brands that are oil-free. 

With my homemade broth, I freeze 1-cup portions. I also freeze broth in my "ice cube" trays and store all the "cubes" in a bag, then I just grab a couple as I need them during cooking. I don't let homemade sit in my fridge more than 2-3 days. It goes into the freezer much faster than anything I buy commercially since homemade has no preservatives, etc. 

Q: I'm curious what your thoughts are regarding B12 deficiency? From what I'm reading, it seems like this is a big problem with vegans. 

A: B12 deficiency isn't a "vegan" problem — I know lots of omnivores with B12 deficiencies (but I don't know any vegans). Deficiencies can happen to anyone, vegan or not, and not all deficiencies are diet related. For more information, read what Dr. McDougall has to say about B12

Q: My husband and I really want to go back to a vegan diet but find it hard to stick to — mostly because we can't find the time. Any suggestions on how we can make time to eat healthier and stick to the vegan diet?

A: The meal plans! We recommend doing most of the cooking in advance. It takes about 2-3 hours and you're set for the week. Most of our users have crazy schedules, and they have a lot of success with our advance cooking recommendation. For more info on cooking ahead, see my post on how to cook all your meals for the week in 2-3 hours.

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