A Recipe a Day from HHA: Jana's Final Thoughts on Her Family's Cooking Challenge + Fave Recipe Round-Up

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Well, she did it — Jana cooked every recipe in Happy Herbivore Abroad! Jana shared her family's journey with us along the way at Day 50 and Day 100 of their HHA challenge. Today, she's back with a new set of favorite recipes and her fantastic final thoughts.

"I have completed the entire recipe list of the book. I didn't do this project to just check something off my list. I did it to make a change in our household.  And guess what? Going through the entire book, one recipe every day, caused the biggest diet change ever in my family's life.  

Why? Because every family member got involved and was excited about the recipe of the day. By the end, my 5-year-old was creating his own recipes and my 2-year-old would walk into the kitchen, point at HHA, and ask if that was the recipe of the day. 

My 13-year-old Man Boy is a veggie loving fool. I cannot get over it. He was my meatloaf loving, meat grilling boy. Now, he loves the lentil loaf even more and is all over the grill with the veg.  Currently, he is touring the UK and Europe with his grandparents for the next month and is choosing to eat plant-based. 

My Kitchen Shadow was so inspired that we are getting a recipe from Everyday Happy Herbivore served via his hands every day. So awesome to have another person cooking in the kitchen next to me and even providing full meals a few nights a week. To watch this 11-year-old boy know his way around the kitchen and even experiment and come up with brilliant recipes is incredible. Ladies, line up, his wife will be blessed. And so will his friends. 

My 19-year-old Artist gets angry if there isn't a a plate left for her because she wants to taste the new recipe. If you were here at my house right now, you would see the plate on the stove waiting for her. I want her to get in on the daily goodness as well.

My 2-year-old craves asparagus. She is in the garden with me every morning cutting and cleaning it. She eats it nightly. Doesn't have to be forced.

My 5-year-old eats Kale Sandwiches. Raw Kale Sandwiches. That is, if it makes it into the house before he eats it.  He cleans it and spins it in the salad spinner and then makes every one a sandwich. All by himself. All because he wants to be a part of this.

My hubby and mom have been dreamy and encouraging. Enjoying each recipe and happy to see the changes in the family. 

And what about me? What have I learned through this?  

  1. I can whip up a FRESH dish in minutes!  Seriously. I would set the timer and challenge myself. 
  2. Things don't have to be fancy to be good. Time saved in the kitchen has been a blessing and guess what? More time elsewhere!!
  3. Happy Herbivore rocks!! Her site, her blog, her books. All of it. What a great community. Thank you, Lindsay!

If you don't have this book, get it. It is not expensive. It is brilliant. Affordable plant-based recipes that you can whip up in minutes that have beautiful flavor. Even my meat lover friends have been happy with the recipes!

So... on to my faves from the last recipes I prepared:

No-Chicken Broth Powder (p. 236): This is magic in a jar. I use it in so many things. Splendid flavor.

Tostada Con Tomate (p. 123): Wow!! My new favorite breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. For real. And my little Garden Shadow cannot get enough.  She is two.

Orange Teriyaki Rice (p. 130): Whips up in minutes and has fantastic fresh flavor. Man Boy ate 3 bowls. Seriously beautiful and light. Mmmmm mmmmm Good!

Chermoula (p. 197): Knocked my socks off. Such a surprise. One of those dishes you make that you find is good on everything. Even a spoon alone.

Date Bread (p. 157): "So yummy in my tummy" is what the two-year-old said. I couldn't agree more.

Gazpacho (p. 30): Makes me smile. Fresh yum. What more would you want?

Cherry Clafoutis (p. 152): Simple. Delicious. The entire home gave it a "thumbs up!"

Cheater Satay (p. 196): Coconut, nut butter and heat? How can you not be in love?

Spring Rolls (p. 77): I am in love with these. Fast and fresh. And dipped in the Satay sauce? Oh my!

Mediterranean Chard (p. 67): Two words that go together so well! This dish is de-lish!

The journey of HHA has come to an end. Kind of bittersweet. I'm sad that it is over but so thrilled for what it has done for our family. So what's next?

I plan to do the 3-Day Reboot and the 10 Day Cleanse & Immersion that Happy Herbivore has put together.  Three friends will be taking that journey with me. Sweet! And I will tweet and blog through it all. Join me and let me know what you think!  


I think my heart grew two sizes reading about Jana and her family's experience — I hope it inspires you to share the joys of plant-based cooking and healthy eating with someone close to you.

Don't worry, you haven't seen the last of this awesome family! Next week, we'll be sharing the first part of Kitchen Shadow's EHH fun — he's already tried more than 65 recipes!

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