This Week's Q&A (Talking Hair Color, Wheat, eBooks, Miracle Noodles and Lettuce)

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You have questions...

Q: Do you have an opinion about hair color and covering gray? You likely are not old enough to worry about this yet (!), but I have been coloring my hair for years, and I just hate it. Even "natural" hair color seems to hard to maintain. When you start seeing gray hair, will you just let it happen?

A: Except for a brief "rebellion" when I was younger and had blue streaks in my hair, I've never dyed it. I'm an all-natural kind of person.

That said, several years ago I convinced my mom to stop dying her hair, insisting her grey hair was beautiful, and she'll be the first to admit she wished she'd stopped dying her hair sooner. She gets so many compliments on her stunning grey hair now.

Beth also blogged a review about henna as a way to color hair.

Q: Just curious...What's your position on wheat? I don't have problems with it, but I keep seeing from other sources that we should avoid wheat. Can you offer any clarification?

A: I think we can all agree that highly processed foods are not healthy and should be avoided. I also think whole grains, like brown rice, are a better choice over things like whole-wheat bread and whole-wheat pasta, but I do think whole-wheat products are fine (assuming you are not allergic), as long as they accent your diet and you're not living on bread and pasta. The problem I have with others slinging mud on wheat is they always fail to distinguish between highly processed wheat (like all-purpose flour and white pasta) and whole-grain options.

Q: Are Shirataki noodles good for us (also called the "miracle noodle")? It says they are made from a natural plant-based fiber called glucomannan.

A: I've only ever seen them in Spring rolls. I bought a package at Whole Foods to make the spring rolls in HHA for a party and... how to say this nicely... I couldn't get past the smell. I also thought the consistency was a little weird (if you wanted to use it as a "noodle" or "pasta" replacement), but I'm fussy about textures.

These "noodles" have been all the rage in the UK for the last few months and while I don't think they are a miracle food or anything extra special, if you like them and want to eat them every now and then, I don't see anything wrong with that. Of course I'm no expert on the subject, so if anyone has a study or other information, please share it :)

Q:  I was wondering if your books are also in eBook formats.

A: Yes! You can buy HHC, EHH and HHA on Amazon for the Kindle (You don't even need a Kindle; you can read 'Kindle books' in your web browser, on your computer or other device.)

B&N also sells my books in eBook format for the Nook and you can find them in the iBooks store for your iPhone, iPad, or other Mac device. The prices are comparable across the board.

You can also preorder my newest book, HHL, on the Kindle.

Q: My question is about lettuce. Do you have a preference of which lettuce to use? Is one better than the other? Is buying 5 to 6 heads of iceberg on the meal plans OK, or should I mix it up?

A: I find lettuce is a matter of personal preference. While I like Romaine, my husband can't stand it and only likes Mesclun or spring mix. My parents, meanwhile, can't stand spring mix. Any lettuce or salad mix you want to use is fine.

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