How to Make Healthy Plant-Based Sports Drinks (Homemade "Gatorade" Recipe)

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Spring is in the air and many of us are dusting off our running shoes, uncovering our bikes, and getting ready for warm-weather outdoor activities!

I love playing outside as much as anyone, but I'm not a fan of Gatorade and other commercial "sports drinks." 

They always give me a headache and "stomach rot," even when I dilute them pretty considerably with water. (I think I just met my lifetime limit when training for my first marathon back in '07).

I searched all over the internet for "homemade" recipes, but kept finding things like dry Kool Aid mix, water and salt — umm... no, that's not much better! So I started reading up on sports nutrition, hydration, etc. and figured out how to make my own healthy, all-natural, plant-based and organic sports drink!

I call it "Herbisport" — get it?

I typically make a "lemon" flavored drink, but you can use oranges or limes, too. I make big batches of this drink before I go for a long hike, bike ride, run, etc. It fuels me and several of my triathlete and marathon runner friends! We all LOVE it. I even take it with when I go snowboarding for long periods during the winter.

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Recipe:"Herbisport" Sports Drink

Picture of "Herbisport" Sports Drink


This is a homemade endurance drink for folks who want a healthy, organic alternative to commercial endurance drinks.



Blend. Taste, adding more lemon if desired and a little salt to taste.

Note: You can substitute 1 date if you have a strong blender for the agave. Honey would also work.