This Week's Q&A (Talking Eggplant & Congestion!)

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You've got questions...

Vegan Burger

Q: Do you have a recipe for eggplant parm?

I don’t do eggplant (we all have our preferences, right?) but you can use eggplant instead of tofu in my tofu parm recipe in HHC (p. 139).

Along those same lines, Pragati recently made “fried green tomatoes” using my recipe for onion rings (HHC p. 176).

Q: What are your thoughts on Shakeology? They have a vegan one now.

A: Total rip-off and waste of money. Eat real food. With the exception of B12, we don’t need to take any supplements or buy fancy protein powders or shake mixes. We just need to eat real food. Do you see elephants drinking shakes? Asking each other if they had their Vitamin C tablet today? No. It’s not natural. Most commercial supplements, vitamins, etc. go straight through you and into the toilet. Your body knows how to use real food, it doesn’t know how to use a supplement, which focuses on concentrating one nutrient or a handful of nutrients at a time. Plus most of these shake powders and supplements are highly processed, even if they swear they aren’t. How exactly does a pea turn into a powder? Processing. Eat real food. (Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. McDougall and Dr. Essy all warn against supplements, shakes, etc. in their respective books). 

Q:  I am gluten free and soy free. I really struggle with these things as I attempt to transition toward a more vegan lifestyle since most replacements have soy or gluten. I am just not familiar enough with substitutions. I try to adapt recipes, but I also feel kind of stuck sometimes.

Try our meal plans, which are soy-free and gluten-free friendly. They’re perfect for someone who is transitioning. 

Also see these posts on being soy freereplacing tofu, and being gluten-free. 

Q: Have you heard of anyone having severe nasal congestion/allergies the day after eating dairy?

A: Yes, absolutely. Dairy is mucus-causing. Many people think they have nasal congestion or outdoor allergies, or a runny nose cold — but it's their body reacting to dairy. Remove dairy and breathe clear! 


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