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I received this email from Sue and it was so heartfelt that I wanted to share it as part of our Herbies of the Week series.It's a little different than what we normally have on this column each week — not just that Sue wrote me a letter (as opposed to me interviewing her). So often, we hear that people made a change when ill health struck (that's my story, after all, and my parents' story!), but a different kind of tragedy changed the Fox family. 

I hope you'll find Sue's letter as touching and motivating as I did. If you're just beginning your transition to a plant-based diet, think about how you'll feel on your own one-year anniversary! 

1 year plant based! And I have you to thank.

Lindsay, last year during Hurricane Irene, my husband and I sat glued to news coverage because we have deep ties to the affected areas in Vermont. For some unknown reason, the channel we were watching played The Last Heart Attack in the middle of their hurricane coverage. This documentary introduced us to Drs. Campbell and Esselstyn and plant-based eating. We read the China Study that weekend and decided to give plant based eating a try.

I found your first book (HHC) in my local book store and we were on our way. I lost 15 lbs and my most recent physical numbers were amazing. (My husband has not yet had his annual physical.) When I had questions, I emailed you and you always answered and supported. I don't know how you keep up with it all. Thank you. I now have EHH  and am anxiously awaiting HHA.

The biggest challenge I had as a new plant eater was when we moved into the spring and summer, when I wanted to eat fresh and in-season produce. I know this sounds crazy, but switching to fresh was hard because I had few fresh recipes in my small arsenal of plant-based recipes!

Your impact on my life has not only made my family healthier (including my children in their 20's who live independently and are changing the way they eat as they watch their parents get healthier), but my students and school community too. Phys Ed teachers in my school are now showing Forks Over Knives  in health classes and our educational foundation has planned their programming events around health and wellness for the 2012-2013 school year (I'm on the programming a committee). I use several of your blog postings in my classes for discussion. I love your writings on following passion and the road to success.

What is remarkable about this journey over the last year is that the day before the hurricane, I could not have told you that this would be my story. Thank you for your support and for your passion to share (your parents' journey to health is also an inspiration) your life and journey. You are making a difference in the lives of many.




I emailed Sue to ask how her family and friends in Vermont were and if it was okay to run her letter on the blog. Here were her responses (and pictures).

First, even more good news:

This past summer, my 79-year-old mom went plant-based! She's doing well — lost some weight and her doctor is very pleased with her BP (it's lower). Last night, she called asking for your black bean soup recipe. I have it posted in Pinterest on my Plant-Based board. (Happy Herbivore is on Pinterest too!)

My family home is between the White and Ottauqueechee Rivers. My family was fortunate. We had no damage. Many of my neighbors were not so fortunate.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your journey. One year plant-based is amazing — congratulations! I hope your neighbors in Vermont are recovering and finding relief.

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