This Week's Q&A (Storing Veggies and Stainless Steel)

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You've got questions and we've got answers! 

Q: I would like to know what you use on your skin other than the baking soda? Particularly to moisturize? Your skin looks lovely!! 

A: Aww thanks for such a nice compliment. I don’t use a moisturizer, I don’t find I need one. I wash my face with baking soda (link) and that’s it, unless I’m going outside for an extended period (i.e. to go for a hike) then I put SPF on any skin that is exposed so I don’t burn. I used to spend a fortune on all sorts of body care products and I’m mad at myself. All I needed was baking soda and water.  

Q: Is there a reason you use garlic powder/onion powder in your recipes rather than fresh? 

A: Convenience, cost, consistency, quickness... just to name a few. For example, I always have onion powder and garlic powder on hand -- but I don't always have onions or garlic. It's so easy for me to measure 1 tsp of garlic powder and pour it into what I'm making, vs getting out the cutting board, peeling and chopping up an onion or mincing garlic. saute, then clean up all the mess. I like easy and convenient. I also know what I'm getting with onion and garlic powder. it's consistent. Plus in some recipes, like, say, mac and cheese, I want the flavor, but can't image chunks of onion and garlic in something that's supposed to be smooth and velvety

Q: From your blog, I've learned more about cooking with oils, that it isn't really healthy. I use only iron and stainless steel cookware - never nonstick. What do you do so your food doesn't stick? Veggie broth? Water? 

 A: I have stainless steel pots and pans , and I never have sticking problems. As long as there is a little liquid on the bottom, you should be fine, though I’ve made things like rice and oatmeal, where all the liquid gets absorbed, and it still doesn’t “stick” For a few token dishes, like pancakes, I use a non-stick skillet but otherwise I love my and use my stainless steel.

  Q: When you pre-cut items like veggies for the week, do you keep them in water? How do you store them?

I think it depends on your fridge and where you live (i.e. what is your climate like). It’s been a mixed bag for me in all the different places I’ve lived. I’ve had fridges that seemed to suck the life out of my produce, chopped up or still whole, and others that kept it beautifully. Generally, I find if I keep my prepped vegetables in an air-tight container, they hold up with one exception: baby carrots. Baby carrots seem to dry out fast, so I keep those in water, changing the water daily (I’m paranoid). I’m also not a big bulk prepper -- If I cook in advance, I go all the way :)

  Q: If you make a big batch of rice, is there any way to keep it from getting crunchy and dried out? 

I think this goes back to your fridge and climate again. If your rice does dry out, you can rehydrate it when you’re reheating it. Just add water, broth, non-dairy milk, etc. Super easy.

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