Easy Weeknight Meals

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With school starting I've been getting more emails about easy meals to make during the week. Busy schedules shouldn't mean sacrificing your health or your taste buds! I recommend cooking once a week, trying our meal plans to eliminate any guess work, and also trying these easy weeknight meals that don't take long at all:

 Eggless Egg Salad (EHH pg. 74) 
Caribbean Peas and Rice (EHH pg. 164)
Mardi Gras Beans and Rice (EHH pg. 167)
 Tempeh Meatloaf (EHH pg. 180)
Chickpea Tenders (EHH pg. 182)Hippie Loaf (HHC pg. 144) 
Lasagna Rolls (HHC pg. 125)
Chickpea Tacos (HHC pg. 97)
Pad Thai (HHC pg. 117)
Chickpea Teriyaki (HHC pg. 127) 
Chicken Style Seitan (HHC pg. 142)
 Portobello Steaks (HHC pg. 148)
 Spicy Sausage (HHC pg. 150)
Croquettes (HHC pg. 153)
Meatballs (HHC pg. 165)
Mac n cheese (HHC pg.159)
Red lentil dal (HHC pg. 73)

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