Celebrate: Ice Cream!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Recipe

Today is Ice Cream Day! Who makes these days up? Whoever it is- I'd like to thank them for an entire day dedicated to cool, refreshing, desserts in July! Celebrate Ice Cream Day with some fat-free ice cream- this recipe is decadent and creamy vegan ice cream that's practically instant to make and uses bananas. If you've made this before, what's your favorite mix in?

Spotted and very ripe bananas work best in this recipe.


2 whole bananas (frozen) ¼ cup non-dairy milk ¼ tsp vanilla extract ¼ tsp cinnamon

Instructions: Place all ingredients together in a food processor and allow the motor to run until it's smooth and creamy. Stop and break up large clumps with a spatula as needed.

Don't forget- we also have a tofu ice cream recipe!

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