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Pinterest has been all the rage lately and I'm sorry to say that I was late to the party. Actually, if it weren't for my sister I might still not be using it!

Actually, not really late, I've had a pinterest account for a while. It's just that I never really used it, until my sister got hers and feel in love and then I really got into it as well.

screen image of the pinterest boards of Happy Herbivore

I've got several different boards, from Elephants to Fashion & Hair to Books & Films. Of course I have my favorite ingredients and fan favorite recipes as boards too.

Yes, all the pins in the Fan Faves are repins of what others have made and pinned first - so try one and let it become one of your favorites too!

It's fun to see what other people like, whether it's ideas for their house (or dream house) or various crafts that they want to make.

screen shot image of pins made in Pinterest by Happy Herbivore

I love all the cute dog pictures too - you know I'm a sucker for pugs!!

screen shot of the Happy Herbivore instagram

Instagram is another story, as I've just started using it. It's a fast and easy way to share photos with your friends from your phone. You take a picture, edit it (or leave it as is!), add a caption, and publish it to all of your followers.

What most people don't realize is that there's a community feature built into Instagram, the same way Twitter built a community - through hash tags. A hash tag is a pound or hash symbol followed by a word, I'm sure you've all seen them: #vegan #anyotherphrase.

screen shot of the instagram has tags

You should enter the hash tag into the caption of your photo. For example, we recently posted a picture of fiddleheads and tagged it as "#vegan #happyherbivore" so that we could find other Herbies! You can use the #happyherbivore tag on your meal photos to be a part of a collection of photos from other plant strong, tech savvy, Herbies!

screen sot of the search feature in instagram

When you're signed into Instagram, you can also search for a tag and find new users with common interests. You simply go to 'Search Instagram' in the settings section. After that, you press 'Search tags' and you can enter any tag you're interested in finding.

So go check them out, and follow me on Pinterest and on Instagram at @happyherbivore.

screen shot of how to search instagram

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