New GF Meal Plans with 14 New Recipes this Week!

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14 new meals in this week's meal plans, plus both plans are gluten-free friendly!

New for the Individual:

  • Caramel Cream Smoothie
  • Green Apple Oatmeal
  • Vegan "Omelet"
  • Black Bean Bowl
  • Sweet Potato & Chili Bowl
  • Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

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New for Families:

  • Green Apple Oatmeal
  • Caramel Cream Smoothie
  • Vegan "Omelets"
  • BBQ Tofu & Veggies
  • Vegan "Omelets"
  • Loaded Black Bean Soup Bowl
  • Fajita Bowl
  • Peanut Noodles
  • "Tuna" Sandwiches & Salad


"Recently, I purchased 3 weeks of your menus and my husband and I are really enjoying them. All to say, I appreciate everything you do." - Tracy P.

"I am into my second week of your meals and I just want to let you know that this is the first time in a very long time that I am eating three balanced meals daily. I have lost weight, I feel great, I am only hungry just before my meals and I love the food." - Jill

"I FINALLY started my weekly menu plan this week! WHY did I wait??? The food is SO yummy!! THANK YOU HH for this service! I now know I how I can eat compassionate, delicious, healthy foods every week!!" - Beth S.

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