National Vegetarian Week

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I woke up this morning and my twitter stream was filled with news about National Vegetarian Week! Technically it's the UK's national veg week (the US holds theirs in November) but the internet seems to have jumped in to join the fun, so I am too.

If you've been thinking about going vegan, vegetarian or just adopting a more plant-based diet, let this week be your motivator!

For starters, check out my post about transitioning -- it has three different plans for transitioning to vegan, vegetarian or more plant-based diets!

Next, click the "get started" button up at the top of this page to find your way to more information and FAQ.

Then read some inspiring stores of people who changed their lives. Click the "Herbies" topic button.

For more information, see my posts my road to a plant based diet, my husband's transition, and my sister's transition to whole foods.

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It's really easy -- remember, just take it a meal at a time... you can do this!

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