On The Road Again!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

I am a vagabond, I never stay in one place very long and home address aside, I am constantly moving. I feel more at home when I am on the go and thankfully my "job" requires I travel pretty frequently to conferences and other events.

I used to not plan ahead, but then my sister had a bad traveling experience and now I always have at least a sandwich or a snack bar tucked in my carry-on. While I have always been able to find foodwhile traveling, sometimes there are things beyond my control, such as a flight delay on the tarmac, car trouble, or getting lost hiking in the woods. It's times like these that I am thankful for packing little emergency snacks.

I recently flew from coast-to-coast in a 2 week span and was in 4 different airports. There were several options for me at the airports, and the bigger the airport the more plant-based options they tend to have.

There isn't a sign saying - "plant-based, vegans, & vegetarians welcome here!" but most places I have found have at least 1 item that is plant-based and the ones that don't often will be accommodating if asked. 

Last year I posted some tips on eating while traveling, and I'm happy to say that there are even more options now. Most large airports have several food kiosks or restaurants, and some of the newspaper stands even sell fresh fruit! I just found out on my last trip of all the different options at Quiznos.

When unsure of where or what to get quickly on the go, there are a few fast food options to keep in mind as well. Some choices are: Quiznos (according to their website all the breads are plant-based except the Rosemary Parmesan, Italian Herb, and the Flat Bread), Chipotle (veggie fajitas and black bean vegetarian burrito sans cheese and sour cream - the pinto beans are not vegetarian), Taco Bell (bean burrito sans cheese) and many more. 

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