Politely Interrupting

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Last week I posted about eating out with friends, and handling questions about being on a plant-based diet. Then I got questions about the situations where you overhear people talking and you want to say something.

Is it different if they are strangers talking in the locker room or co-workers you see in the break room? I'm not saying you should eavesdrop on every converstaion you hear, but sometimes it is hard to avoid, especially if you're at work or the gym.

Whether they are talking about type 2 diabetes or trying to lose weight, or both, don't be afraid to say something, if you want to.

Usually I say something like "I don't mean to intrude but I overhead you mention you had type 2 diabetes, and I wanted to tell you about my friend who reversed her diabetes through diet and is off all her medication for life." (That will get their attention!) Or lowered their cholesterol, or lost 100 lbs, or whatever the situation calls for.

You can briefly go into how a plant-based diet can reverse diabetes (or lower cholesterol), but not overload them with information. Rather spark a curiosity. Offer to send them some links via email.

Send them a link to Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes book on Amazon AND most importantly, a few of the Herbie of the Week segments that apply. For example, if the person who diabetes, send her stories like Candy's and if they are trying to lose a lot of weight, stories like Dr. Cat, who lost 100 lbs.

Even if you don't know someone in real life who reversed their diabetes or lost a 100lbs, we are all friends in this Happy Herbivore community, so you have them to be your example :-)

If you're worried they will write you off because you're younger, make sure to tell them about herbies of the week who made changes later on in life, like Cindy who lost 50lbs for her 50th birthday.

Then follow-up in a few days. Say "so did you read Candy's story? Isn't it amazing?" and be ready for them to ask you questions. 

If you own Forks Over Knives, offer to lend them the documentary. And of course offer support and be of any assistance you can be.

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