New Meal Plan with 7 New Meals!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

There are 7 new meals in this week's plan! More great new recipes than before plus fan favorites, like the Nachos with Quick Queso & Skinny Puttanesca!

New Meals & Recipes:

  • Hawaiian Oatmeal
  • Chickpea Love Wrap
  • Greek Goddess Pita
  • Cinnamon Apple Toast
  • Teriyaki Chickpea Salad
  • Spinach Tomato Pilaf
  • Supreme Sweet Potato Bowl


"They are so simple and so tasty! Seven weeks in and I've lost 22 lbs, and I'm never hungry. Whole foods are now so appealing to me. I love the way I feel and lately am loving how I look." - Pat

"About to start my 3rd week with the meal plan and I love it! With several of the meals you save some for later in the week so there are no leftovers past the 7 days." - Regina B.

"Thank you for making life changes so easy! It's a beautiful thing!!" - Tabitha

"I am finishing up my 1st week. Sooooo nice having a menu to follow!!! I love it!! I am surprised at how large some of the portions are, I have not been hungry at all. I have already dropped 2 lbs. and am feeling more energy. Thank you." - Wendy C.

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