What to take to a Pot Luck

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It's that time of year -- parties and potlucks a plenty!

So what can you take to a pot luck that will please herbivores and carnivores alike?

Chili Sans Carne (p. 81)

Cincinnati "Skyline" Chili (p. 83) 

Mexican Dip (p. 230)

Meatless Balls (p. 165) or Veggie, Bean & Quinoa Meatballs (p. 153) they keep beautifully in the crockpot and can be served in buns on stand-by! 

Corn Pudding (p. 173) 

Cornbread Stuffing with Chorizo (p. 196)

Baked Beans (p. 199)

Low-Fat Guacamole (p. 231)

Ranch Dip with Veggies (p. 232)

Ultimate 7-Layer Dip (p. 235)

and of course muffins and cupcakes! 

All the recipes with page numbers are from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook.


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