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Hi Herbies! It's Andrea, again. Happy Tuesday :] After we posted the gingerbread scone recipe this weekend, we got a lot of questions about making recipes gluten free. I'll admit- I rarely (if ever?) bake gluten free. Even at the bakery, we had a pre-set mix of gluten free flour and then the rest of the recipe was standard for whatever we were making.

What I do know is that you usually can't just replace whole wheat pastry flour with one type of gluten free flour and get the same texture you would with gluten. You need a blend of flours and proteins to get a good gluten free tre.

In the new book, Everyday Happy Herbivore, Brody's Bakery owner shared her gluten free flour blend with Lindsay. There are also some commercial mixes available.

Bob's Red Mill is a popular option, and I've also had luck with Gluten Free Pantry box mixes.

I'd like to experiment with more gluten free options- so I'm turning to you guys for advice!Have you made any Happy Herbivore recipes gluten free? What did you use? And while we're at you have any dessert/baked good recipe you'd like to see on the site? :) Let us know in the comments!

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