What is kelp?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

I pride myself on using normal "everyday" ingredients in my recipes but there are one or two "weird" items I use sometimes... Kelp is one of them.

A friend of mine who follows a strict salt-free diet turned me on to kelp. (She uses it as a salt alternative). I'm not one for salting my foods, but I like kelp because it has a fishy taste. 

It's the "secret ingredient" in HH's Mock Tuna Salad. It's what makes the whole thing taste fishy. If you want a fish taste without the fish, kelp is where it's at. 

What is it? Kelp is a sea vegetable. I know, that doesn't exactly sound appetizing, but it's delicious. It's granulated like a spice so you never feel like you're eating seaweed or algae. 

Kelp is also an excellent source of iodine.

Where can you get it?health food stores, whole foods market, some stores that sell supplements and other vitamins, online (Amazon). A canister (like mine in the video) is usually only a few dollars and it lasts a really long time. They're well worth the investment to be able to make HH's mock tuna alone! 

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