Vegan Emergency Kit

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I've been getting requests all day about what foods a vegan can have on hand in case of an emergency.

I lived in Florida for years (was there during Andrew) and now I live on a small island where hurricanes and the loss of electricity are always a real threat. 

Here's what we do to be prepared:

We keep plenty of canned goods on hand---canned beans and canned vegetables. Black beans and corn might not be the most exciting meal, but it will do in an emergency.

We also keep peanut butter and shelf-stable crackers on hand. Other good things to have are fruit such as apples and oranges, that can stand to go without refrigeration. 

Dry hummus mixes are also good (not the tastiest, but they do)--many of them just require adding water and mixing. 

I also have lots of shelf-stable tofu (Mori-Nu) which really isn't all that bad with mustard (which doesn't need refrigeration). 

Remember that the key is survival---any vegan food is good food when you're hungry. Don't forget about your pets! Make sure you have plenty of food and bottled water for them as well.

Stay safe!

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