Happy Birthday to Scott!

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Today is Scott's 33rd birthday. It will no doubt be a memorable one since this year, tropical storm Irene came to visit for his birthday. Nothing says "celebration" like 30mph winds and rain!

Picture of our beach after the storm.

His birthday wasn't a total wash, thankfully. 

Like every year (seriously, I have proof!) Scott requests HH's Southern-Style Biscuits & Gravy for breakfast. 

I wanted to serve it with Tofu Scramble but we were all out of tofu so I whipped up a quick sweet potato hash.

Now on to the cake.A perk to having Andrea around is that she likes to bake. a lot. Before coming to work at Happy Herbivore, Andrea interned at a vegan-friendly bakery in Chicago, so I was more than happy to put her in charge of Scott's birthday cake this year.

Scott requested a banana birthday cake(I sometimes wonder where he gets these ideas) and Andrea immediately had the idea to add rum to it. Clearly she is acclimating to the island and Caribbean life quite well. 

The result? absolute heaven. 

Be jealous. 

Happy Birthday Scott! 

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