I am a Real Person A lot Like You

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice Misc

For me, this video really sums up my earlier post on dealing with negativity. I think a lot of people sometimes forget that authors or bloggers are real people.

I’m guilty of this myself. My tree was shaken a few years ago when I left a poor review for a book and the author contacted me. I was shocked. It had never even occurred to me that the author might read the reviews for his book. 

I stood by my review but the experience stayed with me. I was suddenly aware that what I said wasn’t always just going out into space -- that my words might actually be read. and they might be read by the very person I’m talking about. 

We’ve all had the experience -- maybe with a friend or more likely, a stranger, where someone said something online they probably wouldn’t say on the phone, let alone to your face. 

Point is, I came across this video over the weekend and I love love LOVE it. It’s so true and I could really identify with Sarah. I’ve been there, Sarah. 

What did you think of the video?

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