Cookbook Countdown: 9 Days to Go: Frittata

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Shortly after my MIL arrived in St. Maarten, she peeked into our fridge and remarked at how much tofu we have. "Yeah, it's kind of a necessity around here... your son is a glutton for tofu." I explained.

"Well, what do you do with it?" she asked. She told me she'd had it deep fried with peanut sauce at a restaurant, and it was alright, but obviously not very healthy.

"OMG! Tofu is the most universal ingredient ever!" I squealed. "I use it to make so many healthy things!" 

"Like what?" my MIL asked. 

Thats when I realized I was just going to have to make her the Dill Frittata from my cookbook. Although I think Tofu Scramble is perhaps the best starting place for tofu newbies, this frittata isn't a bad place to start either.

I also made these maple-cornbread biscuits to go with it since I like to eat more than just protein at breakfast.

What I really love about this frittata (besides how easy it is to make and how beautiful it presents) is that its the perfect blank canvas for leftovers.You can throw in any thing you have on hand -- even leftover pasta -- and it's divine.  

By the way, I think you can sample this recipe now, using the Amazon "look insides" feature!

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