Cookbook Countdown: 10 Days to Go: French Toast

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I have a fat-free vegan French toast recipe here on HH that I just love (--and it made it into the cookbook!) but I decided to shake things up a little bit and add some "variations" to the original.... like "egg nog" and "gingerbread" for the cookbook.

I served this up to my MIL her first morning visiting us in St. Maarten and although she's generally not a sweets person, especially in the morning -- she really loved this recipe! So much, in fact, that she asked me to show her how to do it so she could make it while I was away (she's babysitting the pugs while we're snowboarding in Canada).

She couldn't believe how easy it was... or that it didn't need eggs. I keep showing her how easy, filing and most importantly -- delicious vegan food can be! 

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