Oil-Free Kale Chips (Fat-Free Gluten-Free)

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Kale chips have been making their rounds on blogs and health websites for a few years -- and for good reason! They're crunchy like a potato chip but deliciously healthy!

Full of Vitamins A, C and K plus calcium, iron and protein, this is one snack you can feel good--no make that, feel great about eating mindlessly!

The original recipe is simple enough: kale, oil and salt, only I don't useoil so I had to get creative with the method. The end result? The same delicious snack, only healthier! (and fat-free!)

I make my kale chips one of three ways: with nutritional yeast (for a cheesy chip), sea salt (original) or with old bay seasoning (spicy).

I also asked HH's Facebook fans how they spiced up their kale chips. Here are their delicious recommendations:

"I soak them in lemon-ginger water before baking" - Melissa

"My little guys like them with garlic salt." - Krys

"I like Teriyaki kale chips!" - Jennifer

"Balsamic vinegar and salt." - Kristy

"Unrefined sea salt, it tastes a bit like seaweed." - Chris

"Nutritional yeast, miso and cayenne!" - Judith

"Just a drizzle of honey (or agave)." -Michelle

"I like them with a little vinegar." - Kim

 How do YOU spice up your kale chips?!Share with us! 

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Recipe:Kale Chips

Picture of Kale Chips

Prep time: | Cook time: | Total: | 4 servings


A crunchy, healthy snack! This is my method for baking these delicious chips--no oil added and no dehydrator required!



Preheat oven (toaster oven works best) to 225F. Tear kale into pieces (uniformity is more important than size--but they shrink down so don't make the pieces too small). Place kale on a non-stick cookie sheet or a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (they might stick to a regular cookie sheet). Sprinkle generously with spices such as sea salt, nutritional yeast, Old Bay seasoning (my fave), ground ginger, garlic salt or anything you like. Bake for 7-10 minutes until dark green and crispy, but be careful not to burn!