The Kitten in the Laundry Bag

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Wednesday I decided to do a load of laundry before our trip to Vermont. I'm obsessive about having a clean apartment when I come home from vacation and clean laundry is no exception. I'd just thrown the last load into the dryer when Scott called, asking me to meet him at a store to check out some snowboarding pants he wanted. Normally I don't like to leave my laundry down in the basement. It's not that I think someone will take it (if someone needs underwear so bad they need to steal someone elses, they can have it!) but I don't want to be that neighbor who just leaves stuff in the machines for hours on end. Still, I figured I'd be home pretty timely, so, hell, I'll go meet Scott.

Of course the store didn't have his size and since Scott's lunch hour was over, I was left with the task of going to another store that might have his pants. They didn't, but then I got side tracked and ended up shopping for myself (at least I have one awesome pair of new snowboarding pants!). Finally, some 4 hours later I come home and remember, oops! the laundry! 

I run down to the basement and sure enough someone had stuffed my clothes into the laundry bag I'd left down there. Ugh, I am that neighbor... So, I grabbed the bag and headed upstairs. I set the bag down in the living room and go about my business for a few minutes. We were leaving for Vermont in the next hour so I was trying to make sure I had everything. We did. Then Scott phoned to say he was on his way home and since that would take another 30 minutes, I decided I'd put the clothes away. I go to get the clothes out of our bag when a kitten jumps out!

At first I was like "omg! you are so little! and so cute! and I love you!" but then I remembered, "I'M LEAVING FOR VERMONT IN AN HOUR!" I held the kitten for a few minutes, until Lily Bean could not stand to be left out for a single second longer. I set the kitty down and LB looked at her like "and what the hell are you?" Quaid could not be bothered. He could care less there was a kitten in the house but LB was just fascinated. I let them... hang out, as I finished putting the clothes away, all the while tweeting my situation and asking for help about what to do. Since it was so late in the evening, I couldn't call the ASPCA (not that I wanted to), I was about to leave for vacation and I didn't have anything for a kitten's needs -- litter box, food, etc. I had nada. I was adopted by a kitten, that's all I knew. 

I decided to take the kitten to the superintendent. He and his family had a couple cats and a couple kids, so they seemed likely candidates for wanting and being able to care for a kitten. I ran down to their apartment, fingers crossed, and hoping they were home. They were and thrilled to take the kitten off my hands. She's now very happy with her new family and I get to see her any time I want. Despite rushing around like I crazy person, I managed to get some cute shots of the kitten as she explored our apartment and they're up on flickr. I took these photos with my new Nikon d40 (that I bought for the cookbook photos) and you'll have to forgive me, I'm still on the low end of the learning curve so my photos are pretty awful!




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