No Pasta, Pasta (Low Carb Pasta Recipe)

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Recipe

This dish is incredibly low in calories and will ease your cravings for lasagna, stuffed shells or a simple bowl of pasta! It was born out of a curiousity: I couldn't help but wonder if I could satisfy my cravings for pasta with zucchini the way raw foodists do. I used my basic fat-free marinara recipe, tofu basil ricotta and some raw, chopped zucchini...  and wow. I can have the taste of pasta I love without all the calories! I'm thrilled. The addition of tofu basil ricotta also adds a nice boost of protein. Just look at these nutritional stats: 123 calories, 1g fat, only 15g carbs and a whopping 17g protein per serving! (serves 4)

no pasta pasta.JPG

Prepare a recipe for tofu basil ricotta and set aside. Gently heat marinara over a low flame. While it's heating, chop or shred zucchini. Once marinara is warm to your preference, combinr everything together and serve.

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