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Season 2: Episode 53

Part 1: Patricia is implementing a grass roots plant-based movement

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Member Patricia joins Lindsay on the Meal Mentor Podcast to discuss how she's spearheading a plant-based jumpstart program in her office! Patricia shares the details on her plans to supply meals, measure biomarkers, and teach lectures in an effort to share the plant-based message. Patricia brings her background in biology to the podcast to discuss the scientific side of plant-based diets, including advice on how to properly read a study, and basing diet on scientific data. Don't miss part one of this series to hear more about the science behind plant-based diets, and all the details about Patricia's plant-based jumpstart!

More about this episode:

  • How to know your audience when sharing the benefits of a plant-based diet.
  • Patricia explains how a plant-based diet eradicated her digestion issues.
  • Patricia tells her favorite part of being in the Meal Mentor community.
  • How can you minimize your exposure to environmental toxins?
  • Where might dietary allergens be hiding?
  • A discussion on organic vs. conventional.

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The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell

How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger

Proteinaholic by Dr. Garth Davis

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

PlantPure Nation

The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living

Watch Lindsay Batch Cook!

Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Forks Over Knives

Scott Jurek

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Meal Mentor Co-Pilot Podcast

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