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Season 2: Episode 46

Musician Chrysanthe talks eating plant-based on tour

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On the season 2 premiere of the Meal Mentor Podcast, Lindsay chats with musician Chrysanthe Tan about maintaining a healthy plant-based diet from a tour bus! They also discuss crazy fad diets, explaining veganism to other cultures, and challenging the generalizations within the plant-based community. Tune in to hear more about Chrysanthe's adventures--including her plant-based staples, how she manages eating during long work hours, and the accommodations she's discovered across the world.

More about this episode:

  • Ideas on traveling WITHOUT eating out.
  • Chrysanthe shares a tip on how to manage at a hotel without a microwave.
  • How to find plant-based options at travel hubs.
  • How can we change our ideals about body sizes?
  • A discussion on perceptions surrounding emotions and food.

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