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Season 1: Episode 23

Marla talks about body image & how “Hollywood” can mess up how we see ourselves

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Lindsay sits down with Marla to talk about body image, the danger of comparing ourselves to others, and how she stays positive despite working in Hollywood. Tune in for tips about loving our imperfections more, and overcoming weight loss plateaus on this episode of the Meal Mentor podcast!

More about this episode:

  • Which plant-based doctor inspired Marla in the early 90's?
  • Can you eat all you want on a plant-based diet?
  • What can you do if you need help with portions?
  • Why it's so easy to fall into the "vegan" trap.
  • Marla shares a tactic for dealing with negative thoughts.
  • Why should you try cooking ahead?

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Meal Mentor Co-Pilot Podcast

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