Best of Fall 2017 Meal Plan Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

The "Best Of" Fall meal plan is here! 

This is the hall of fame of meals…

Kick things off with the 100% voted fan favorite: Pizza Chili

Pizza Chili

Big Mac Potato is back by popular demand!

Big Mac Potato

This one is an Instagram hit every time it comes around.

Street Corn Pasta is such a simple and bright favorite.

Sweet Corn Pasta

This is a great time to catch up on the meal plans if you've fallen behind…

...And a perfect chance for new ...

Rustic Lasagna, Orzo Chili, Vegetable Pad Thai Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

Can you believe it’s almost October?! 

The holiday season will be here before you know it... 

NOW is the time to put good habits in place!

  1. Download this week’s meal plan. 
  2. Use the shopping list at the store tomorrow.
  3. Enjoy simple, healthy fast recipes all week

HELPFUL HACK: Post page 2 (the pictures of the meals) on your fridge.

You be more likely to cook if you see the pictures. 

Plus you’ll remember you have everything ...

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Meal Planning Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Have you ever been on the cusp?

Struggling, feeling just out of reach?

You can’t pinpoint the problem… it’s FRUSTRATING!

Meal Mentor can help get you going again.

I’ve been right where you are.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. (OK, maybe a little.)

I wasn’t spending my energy on the right things.


Here’s how the meal plans helped me:

  • Cooking became convenient (so I actually did it)
  • Portion control
  • Change in taste buds—I like healthy food
  • Extremely organized ...
It's My Birthday!! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

I want to live and eat in a way that doesn't require perfection.

Today is my birthday and I’m in the best shape of my life. 

But two years ago it was a different story.
In 2015 I was at a crossroads.

I read dozens of books like The China StudyThe Pleasure Trap, and Mindless Eating to understand what I needed to do to lose weight on a plant-based diet. I then spent years working ...

Dan Dan Noodles, Cowboy Spaghetti, and Tamale Cakes Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

Fall officially starts this weekend! 

It’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf.

If you fell out of your routine this summer… 

And you’re looking for creative and healthy meals… 

You’re gonna fall in love with these meals! 

Turn over a new leaf with: 

  • Bahn Mi "Meatball Subs" 
  • Tamale Cakes 
  • Polenta Frito Pie 
  • Mighty Aphrodite Bowls 
  • Dan Dan Noodles 
  • Cowboy Spaghetti 

...And more!!! 

Dan Dan Noodles (top left), Bahn Mi Meatball Sub (top ...


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