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Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

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Save 29.3% on a yearly membership to meal mentor TODAY ONLY 

Get 53 weeks of simple meal plans for only $129 (reg. $179.88)

The weekly PDF meal plan includes recipes and a shopping list ✅

With your subscription you’ll also get: 

  1. Access to 2,300+ recipes in the Meal Mentor app
  2. Ability to build your own meal plan (in the app)
  3. Access to the Web Planner (browser version)
  4. Exclusive Newsletters 🔬🤓
  5. Private Facebook group
  6. The 685 (now 690!) NEW RECIPES 

Meal Mentor is the bridge between wanting to cook more and actually cooking.

Today is your ONLY opportunity to get a discounted yearly subscription.

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If you want to eat out less often…

… and stop relying on convenient junk

If you’re ready to feel good and eat the way you want to be eating…

You need this discounted yearly subscription!!

A yearly subscription gives youthe tools you need for home cooking success:

✔️ simple healthy recipes

✔️ Group support

✔️ Personal accountability

✔️ Structure

✔️ No more “what do I fix for dinner?” stress


Does that sound good to you or what?

If so, Grab your discounted yearly membership right here!

Every recipe (all 2,300!) is:

  • 100% vegan (no eggs, no dairy) 
  • NO OIL
  • Plant-based (WFPB)
  • Simple, “normal” ingredients 
  • Quick & EASY 
  • Gluten-free & soy-free friendly 

Simple recipes, simple instructions, normal ingredients. 

I once drove to seven different stores looking for pomegranate molasses. It cost me $13 and I couldn’t find any other recipe that used it afterwards. I’ll never do that to you. 

Meal Mentor recipes use basic ingredients like ketchup, canned beans, oats, and broccoli. 

They take 5-25 minutes to prepare and can be made ahead or after work.

You need “no excuse” recipes like these to stay healthy 🥗

Getting simple healthy recipes automatically delivered to your inbox every week (with a shopping list!) will make sure you stay committed to eating well regularly. 

Plus you’ll have an extra 2,300+ recipes in the app as backup support!  Recipes for every CRAVING you have (even doughnuts), for every HOLIDAY meal you need to make PLUS fresh new ideas! 

So what are you waiting for ?

Get your discounted yearly membership here TODAY ONLY.

This is your ONLY chance to get a yearly subscription! 

After today I will not be offering yearly subscriptions. 

I also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk! 

"I just love the meals! Everything is easy to cook and easy to eat and I'm not hungry! Ever! And I love how easy it is to shop for simple ingredients! I can actually do this! I even loose weight!” - Jackie P

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