7 Veggies You Can Stop Peeling Now

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Need to spend less time in the kitchen?

Want to maximize nutrition and flavor?

Stop peeling your veggies! (Well, at least SOME veggies)

Leave these vegetables unscathed:


20% of the nutrients (like B vitamins!) are lost when you lose the skin. Even if you plan to mash ‘em, leave the skin on. Tell your fam you’re eating rustic mashed potaters ;)

Just be sure to give your potatoes a good scrub to get all the dirt off!


The skin adds an extra crunch for salads and sandwiches + a boatload of antioxidants. If the skin is too tough for your tastes, try shaving off strips with a Y-peeler (give it a zebra cut) -- looks fancy for football season party platters too!


Shaving doesn’t change the appearance all that much and most of the antioxidants are concentrated right under the skin, so you end up shaving a lot of ‘em off.


Ditto! Just like carrots, you end up losing most of the antioxidants when shaving them. 


The skin gives added texture to eggplant cutlets + a boatload of antioxidants.

Sweet Potatoes 

Vitamin C and potassium are in the skin.


(Okay, not a veggie, but you still don’t need to peel it!) Apple skins are also rich in Vitamin C.

PLUS all these veggie skins are chalk full of FIBER, which is ultra important for digestion + satiation.

Eat more, weigh less is the meal plan motto!

When preparing your meals this week, take off one less prep step.

Want to save even more time?

Utilize our pre-made shopping list and menu.

Let us figure out what’s for dinner and what you need to buy.

Every minute matters in this rat race called life ;)

Check out the meal plans by clicking here.

You’ll save at least ONE hour this week!

P.S. You can also stop draining and rinsing your beans if they’re going into a soup or chili. (The exception being if you’re NOT buying low salt or no salt added. You still want to rinse if they’re salted.)

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