5 Ways to Use Cauliflower Rice

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Low carb diets have gained a lot of attention over the last several years. With this lifestyle trend, we have seen the internet explode with new ideas for replacing your favorite carbohydrate-heavy meals with low-carb alternatives. Cauliflower, in particular, has recently grown in popularity as a delicious, healthy substitute for things like pizza crust, fried rice, and even breadsticks!

To use cauliflower as a rice substitute, simply use a grater to “rice” a head of cauliflower, or pulse florets in a food processor a few times until it has a rice-like consistency. If you’d rather not make your own, there are now several brands and stores that carry pre-riced cauliflower- just check the produce or freezer sections of your local store.

Below you can find some amazing ways to use cauliflower rice in your next meal.

1. Fried “Rice”
Load up a sauté pan with your favorite veggies, then mix in the cauliflower rice and cook for a few minutes for a healthy and hearty dish.

2. Salads or Bowls
Cauliflower rice makes an excellent base for a veggie-filled salad or “rice” bowl. Pre-chop your veggies and store them in the fridge for a quick and easy weekday lunch.

3. Stuffing
Wanna know what’s better than a sweet potato? A stuffed sweet potato. You can use cauliflower rice to build a delicious stuffing (try adding chopped nuts and fresh herbs) and then fill up a baked sweet potato with all that cauli-goodness.

4. Breakfast
You probably don’t think of breakfast when you think of cauliflower, but now you can! Let your cooked cauliflower rice cool (or store in the fridge overnight after cooking), then add to a bowl with your favorite plant-based protein powder, nut milk, and toppings for a filling plant-based breakfast.

5. Pizza Crust
Yes, that’s right — cauliflower can become pizza. There are plenty of vegan cauliflower rice pizza crust recipes to try, but the key is being sure to squeeze the excess moisture from the “rice” after it’s cooked and cooled. The less moisture there is, the crispier your crust will become. When it’s finished, try topping it with your favorite pizza toppings and a sprinkling of AJ’s Vegan Parmesan!

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