Get Organized! 4th Annual Virtual Declutter Party Challenge April 7, 2018

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Are you ready to finally tackle the clutter creating chaos in your closet?

The 4th Annual Virtual Declutter Party Challenge is comingggg!

Mark your calendar: Saturday, April 7, 2018

Who: You
What: Declutter / Clean
Where: Your home
When: Anytime on April 7, 2018
How: (Getting to that)

To help get you on the minimalist track…

I’m giving away FREE copies of all my minimalist ebooks that will guide your process.

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I’ll be sending your free copies to your inbox on Saturday (March 31st).

If you are ready to attack the clutter chaos, get organized, and “spring clean”, NOW is the time to make a COMMITMENT!

(Do it with the support of the ENTIRE Herbie community behind you!!)

Let's tidy up and declutter together! <3

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For my fellow science nerds: A 2013 study found that people who spent more time in a messy room were more likely to choose junk food over a healthy apple. Great reason to declutter, right? There’s also mounds of other research suggesting a connection between overeating and clutter. I think this is more of a “correlation” than a “causation”, but it still touches on the point that we are products of our environment.

Bring focus into your life.

P.S. Cleaning out your kitchen/pantry? I’ll have a special helper + opportunity for you this Wednesday. Don’t miss it!

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