It’s love: Vegan French Onion Soup, Kissing Kale Pasta, Beet Falafels

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Get ready to fall into deep, sweet love with this week’s meal plan.

I’ve assembled all my favorite “date night” recipes...

Mojo makers! Feel sexy after these meals!

Recipes included this week:

  • French Onion Soup---OMG!
  • Green Goddess Pizza (awe yeah!)
  • Red Lentil Dal
  • Beet Falafels 
  • Kissing Kale Pasta
  • Tamale Pie 
  • Purple POWER Salads
  • Meatloaf “Steaks” (w/ mashed potatoes + gravy!)
  • Italiano Portobello Polenta 
  • Hot & Sour Soup
  • Miso Mucho Bowls
  • Creamy Kale Salad (only 2 ingredients!)

I knew my husband was a keeper when he cooked me dinner on our third date.

Scott made a simple meal: mushrooms and potatoes in a foil pack, served with a salad. 

I cherish this memory.

I also remember feeling GREAT afterwards.

I even started thinking, “I need to cook meals like this for myself.” (Back then I was on the standard “college” diet and knew it wasn’t good for me.) 

That meal showed me cooking doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can make simple meals and enjoy them. Plus the satisfaction and energy you feel afterwards makes the time you did spend worth it. 

Today, cooking is how I love myself. 

It’s also how I love my husband. Eating plant-based is something we’re doing for each other.

When 2 of our relatives were diagnosed with cancer last year, we got scared. We’re still scared but, by eating plant-based meals every week, at least I can say we’re doing the best we can.

Eating healthy definitely makes me feel sexy and confident. 

I also don’t experience bloat or gas after these meals. I hate that part about eating out… feeling like you need to fart or that your pants are too tight is definitely NOT what you want to experience on a date night! 

Cooking is a love language anyone can learn (and everyone appreciates)!

Show your love through cooking this week.

Make these meals a love letter to yourself. 

This year I’m making us the French Onion Soup + Kale Salad <3 

Guess what’s for dessert ;) ;) 

Healthy Chocolate Truffles!! Only 39 calories each! 

Because love is 100% chocolate ;)

Are you ready to fall in deep, deep love with simple healthy recipes that make you feel sexy and vibrant? 

You’ll get all these recipes (plus shopping list) instantly AND you’ll be joining my awesome members-only supportive community. 

You’ll really FEEL THE LOVE when you connect with 2,234 other folks making the transition to more plant-based cooking. 

It feels so good to belong somewhere and be a part of something. We want you to join our community :)

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