Veggie Pot Pie, Mongolian Noodles, and Sweet Potato Chili

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! 

But busy. So so soooo busy!

This week's plan has classic comforts for family gatherings.

These meals will WOW out-of-town guests, please the pants off omnivores, and make the whole family gather around the table in delight without complaining. 

Plus each recipe is ridiculously easy, which means you’ll be as jolly as Santa.

Think of this meal plan as a cute little elf helping you make dinnertime easier.

My family loves Grandma’s Hearty Beef Stew. 

annnd it’s embarrassing how often I serve Veggie Pot Pie.

It’s the perfect last-minute-I’ve-got-nothing-on-hand dish.

Make the holidays more manageable this year with a meal plan. 

Each weekly meal plan includes:

  • The answer to “What’s for dinner?”
  • Simple healthy recipes 
  • Useful shopping list (no need to check it twice!)
  • Online support 

You’ll dash through the store with your weekly shopping list.

And present comforting, healthy meals each night.

This week's merry menu: 

  • Sweet Potato Chili    
  • Broccoli Burgers 
  • Lasagna’d Potatoes NEW                
  • Mongolian Noodles                    
  • BBQ Pizza NEW    

...and a ho-ho-ho lot more!

Simple and to the point! 

These easy vegan recipes are Omnivore-approved.

Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the season. 

If you're like me, you want to savor this time with your family.

Singing carols, baking cookies, or putting on a party dress...

I definitely don't want more pressure, more work, or more stress right now.

Relieve yourself of one extra burden. 

Stop getting your tinsel in a tangle over what to make ;)

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