5 Do's and Don'ts For A Harmonious Holiday

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As promised, here are my 5 “Do’s and Don’ts” for a harmonious holiday...


1. Do let the host know about your dietary restrictions ahead of time.You’re being more of a burden by not telling them. I had a terrible experience once where I planned to just make it work, but there was nothing safe for me to eat and the hostess was devastated. 

2. Do offer to bring a dish everyone (+ you!) can enjoy.  Here are some ideas.

3. Do bring your own meal—if you want. It’s definitely okay to bring your own meal to a gathering, especially if you want other people to be comfortable. (Some folks get weird if you sit there and don’t eat anything…) It’s also totally okay to not eat and have a little feast at home later. 

4. Do make theday aboutgratitude, not food.Thanksgiving is about gratitude and family, “I’m not here for the food, I’m here to spend time with you” goes a long way.

5. Do focus on progress, not perfection. As you’re making these positive changes, it’s important that you focus on your progress forward, especially if you slip a little. Don’t be too hard on yourself when things aren’t perfect and definitely don’t use a slip to spiral downward. “Ahscrewit” is the enemy. 



1. Don’t cave to appease others. This may seem harmless, especially for something small, but if you succumb to their pressures once, they’ll assume they can always break you. They’ll never take you seriously… they’ll push harder and harder every time, trying to find your new breaking point. The sooner you stick to your guns, the sooner they’ll back off. 

2. Don’t discuss your diet or beliefs on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn’t the time to tell loved ones about the negative effects of the food they’re eating. You also don’t have to defend, justify, or explain yourself. Show compassion, lead by example. 

3. Don’t isolate yourself. Check-in with fellow vegheads online. If you’re a meal plan member, show off your plant-centered meal in the forums, private FB group, or on social media. 

Download my full Thanksgiving menu (9 recipes) here.

And enjoy a slice of healthy pumpkin pie!

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