Your Guide To Surviving The Holidays

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Admittedly the holiday season is a tricky time for us herbies.

Do you have any of these questions?

  • How do I discuss my dietary choices with friends and family? 
  • What can I make that Omnivores will enjoy? 
  • Should I pack my own meal? 
  • How do I deal with feelings of missing out?? 

Then I’ve got great news! 

This post kicks off a special ThanksLIVING mini-series.

This mini-series will answer all your questions and concerns. 

What’s in store??? 

  1. Your Gameplan to beat self-doubt and peer pressure.  
  2. The Do’s & Don’t’s of the season
  3. A++ coping strategies when FOMO hits!
  4. Diplomatic replies for *that* relative
  5. How to start a new tradition everyone will love
  6. A GRATITUDE checklist! 

FAQ FRIDAY (November 11th) will also be dedicated to Thanksgiving, so if this series doesn’t highlight a concern OR you still have a pressing question, ask me live! 

Your Gameplan to beat self-doubt and peer pressure.  

Being in the minority can be isolating…

And feeling isolated can make you feel defensive…

But being vegan or plant-based isn't a defensive position, it's offense. 

After having an incredible experience a few weeks ago (see image below) I’ve stopped justifying, defending, arguing or explaining my lifestyle.

I’ve also stopped preemptively apologizing for being a burden or calling myself “weird.”
#1 My self-care is not a burden. 
#2 Nothing about what I do or how I live is “weird.” It may not be someone else’s choice or comfort, but that does not make it “abnormal” or “inferior” or a problem for me. 
What someone else thinks of me or my diet isn’t my business or problem -- it’s theirs.
Of course, I know this easier said than done… 
and who doesn’t want to be liked?
But here’s the hardest truth: 
"Convincing" never actually happens.

All that justifying, explaining, arguing, and defending is a waste of breath. 
Consider this: 

Have you ever been convinced by another person's argument in the moment? 

Now you may have come around to their side later after some pondering, which is great… but you still had to learn it for yourself… YOU convinced you in the end. 

That’s how it is for every individual. 
You want them to see it from your point of view, but they only have their point of view. 

The “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” is very true.

 IN DEFENSE OF… nothing 

Instead of arguing, defending myself, explaining my beliefs, or justifying my choices I skip all of that and move the conversation right along. 

Sometimes I’ll segway with “okay” or “Thank you for sharing your opinion with me” but mostly I just nod a little like I’m interested and switch topics. 

If they press me I say, "I love being vegan, but I'm not open to talk about this now, let’s connect next week” or “You do you, I do me.” 
When someone is trying to CONVINCE YOU of something… 
i.e. that oil is healthy or meat is necessary (or whatever they believe)
Consider this bombshell (!!)

WHY is it so important to them that you eat oil/meat/cheese/whatever? 
Answer: They just want to make you more like them so they feel better about themselves.

They may cloak it in “caring about you” but it’s not about you at all. 
It’s about them.
This doesn’t mean it’s coming from a bad place… sometimes we pressure people to do things because we want them to enjoy what we enjoy and have those same good experiences… but even good nature doesn’t change EGO is at the root. 

Bottom line: Each individual must follow their own path and conscience. Give them the dignity of allowing that to occur, in its own time. 
Treat others how you want to be treated is very accurate. 

If you don’t want to be questioned, don’t question others. If you don’t want to be oppressed by someone else’s lifestyle or choices, don’t press your choices onto others. (Even if you believe yours is the right one or can help or you have all the science… especially if you have all the science…)
Your diet and lifestyle *is* different... 


Or superior. 

If someone wants an education, they’ll ask for it ;)

Next up: THE FOOD. 

You can download my EXACT menu! (takes only 30 minutes TOTAL)

WITH 9 recipes

PLUS how to time them perfectly (30 minutes TOTAL)

Right here: The ULTIMATE Vegan Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

This gorgeous ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving spread is always a hit.

Best of all, I can make 6/8 courses in 30 minutes!

(The pie and cranberry sauce need to be made ahead for chill time).

Watch me cook them right here.

YOU too can create delicious and memorable holiday meals. 

That’s my plate from last year!

Here are a few pictures from the community last year:





Aren’t they amazing?! 

These folks are just like you! They’re home cooks, not chefs! 

Be inspired by them -- YOU GOT THIS! 

Next in the series: A wild idea that leads to a more harmonious meal with skeptical family and friends plus how to create NEW memories and traditions without FOMO.

Stay tuned :) 

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